Leading Structural Parts EDCM: Excavator Bucket Supplier

May. 15,2023

EDCM is a leading manufacturer of structural parts for excavator buckets, quick couplers, dozer blades, rippers, loader buckets, booms, and other reliable attachments. Founded in 2007, the company has 20 years of experience and know-how in the construction machinery industry. Located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China, EDCM covers an area of over 10000 square meters with a rational layout of workshops that provide a basic condition for sustainable development.

The company is equipped with advanced facilities such as CNC machining centers, welding robots, and physical and chemical labs, which enable excellent quality control. EDCM uses ERP & PDM to make quick responses to market demands and can customize any structural parts based on customer requirements. Their products are suitable for Caterpillar, John Deere, Liebherr, Terex, Atlas, Case, Volvo, Japan’s Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Kato, and China XCMG, and other international brands of construction machinery OEM service.

Revolutionize Your Construction Projects with Premium Excavator Buckets from Leading Supplier

Construction projects require reliable and durable equipment to ensure successful completion within the stipulated time and budget. Excavator buckets are an essential part of construction machinery, and choosing the right one can significantly impact the efficiency of your project. With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are continually developing new and innovative designs to improve excavator bucket performance.

EDCM is a leading supplier of high-quality excavator buckets, with an extensive range of options designed to cater to various construction needs. Their commitment to providing top-of-the-line buckets has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

EDCM’s excavator buckets are made from premium materials, ensuring maximum durability and strength. They use high-grade steel in their buckets, making them resistant to wear and tear, and able to withstand even the most demanding excavation tasks. Additionally, their buckets are designed with precision to guarantee optimal performance in any application.

Top Excavator Bucket Supplier Offers High-Quality Products for Heavy-Duty Applications

Excavators are essential pieces of equipment used in heavy-duty applications such as construction, mining, and demolition. The excavator bucket is a vital component that must withstand tough conditions to perform efficiently. Therefore, it’s important to choose a reliable and high-quality supplier to ensure that the bucket is up to the task. EDCM, a top excavator bucket supplier, offers superior products and services to meet the needs of its customers.

EDCM boasts an impressive array of super-large and CNC processing equipment that ensures precision and quality in the production of their excavator buckets. They also have a complete set of physical and chemical facilities to strictly control product quality. This means that their products are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that customers get value for their money.

The company’s commitment to technology is also evident in its enterprise information projects such as ERP, PDM, and CAM. These projects enable EDCM to quickly respond to market demand, providing customers with the latest products that meet their needs. Furthermore, their experienced technical engineers can provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries.

Maximize Your Excavation Efficiency with Top-Quality Buckets from Reputable Suppliers

Excavation is an essential process in construction, mining, and other industries that involve digging and earth-moving. Efficiency and productivity are critical factors in excavation operations, and the equipment used can significantly impact the results. One of the most important components of an excavation machine is the bucket, which is responsible for scooping and carrying the material. A top-quality bucket can improve excavation efficiency and reduce operating costs, making it a valuable investment for any company.

One of the advantages of using EDCM’s buckets is their design. They are engineered to optimize the excavator’s performance and improve the efficiency of the excavation process. For example, their Rock Bucket is designed with a high-capacity volume, which allows it to hold more material per scoop, reducing the number of passes required to complete a job. Additionally, their buckets feature a unique tooth system that provides excellent penetration and break-out force, making them ideal for hard and compacted soils.

excavator bucket supplier

Another benefit of using EDCM’s buckets is their versatility. They offer a wide range of buckets that can be used for various excavation tasks, from digging trenches and foundations to mining and quarrying operations. Their buckets come in different sizes and configurations, including standard, heavy-duty, and extreme-duty, allowing customers to choose the right bucket for their specific needs.

Excavator Bucket Supplier: Excavator Ditch Cleaning Bucket / DC Bucket

Excavator ditch cleaning buckets, also known as DC buckets or mud buckets, are a type of excavator attachment that is specifically designed to clean shallow waterways such as ditches, ponds, and canals. They are wider and flatter than standard buckets, allowing for better coverage and more efficient cleaning. The leading edge of the DC bucket has long, narrow teeth or tines that help loosen and remove material from the bottom of shallow bodies of water.

1. Features of Excavator Ditch Cleaning Buckets

DC buckets are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to adapt to different types of machinery and work requirements. They can range from a few cubic feet to several cubic yards, depending on the manufacturer and model.

2. Customization of DC Buckets

In addition to their current products, most excavator bucket suppliers provide custom services according to the customer’s drawings and requirements. They have an experienced production team, expert technical engineers, and QC inspectors to ensure the quality of their products.

3. Packaging and Shipping

The standard package for DC buckets is a wooden pallet with straps. However, the packaging can be customized based on the customer’s requirements. After packaging, the buckets are shipped to the customer.

4. Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of excavator ditch cleaning buckets includes cutting, pre-treatment, machining, welding, surface treatment, painting, quality inspection, packaging, and shipping. Qualified and certified welders perform welding during the manufacturing process.

5. Applications

Excavator ditch-cleaning buckets are mainly used for river, pond, and ditch environments. They are suitable for excavating sand, gravel, soil, and other light-load operating environments. Depending on the manufacturer and model, they can also be used for digging hard soil, mixing relatively soft stone and clay, mining hard gravel mixed with hard soil, hard stone, or flint, and other heavy-duty operating environments.


Excavator ditch cleaning buckets are a useful tool for cleaning shallow waterways such as ditches, ponds, and canals. They are designed with a wider and flatter shape than standard buckets and have long, narrow teeth or tines to help loosen and remove material. They are made of high-strength steel and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to adapt to different types of machinery and work requirements. Most excavator bucket suppliers also provide customization services according to the customer’s requirements.


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