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EDCM provides a variety of professional construction machinery structural parts and supports customized services.

  • Wheel loader Bucket

    Wheel Loader Bucket

  • dozer blade

    Dozer Blade

  • Excavator Ditch Cleaning Bucket / DC Bucket

  • Excavator Frame/Excavator Upper Frame/Excavator Upper Chassis

    Excavator Upper Frame / Excavator Frame

  • Excavator GP Bucket General Purpose Bucket

    Excavator GP Bucket General Purpose Bucket

  • Excavator Booms and Arms

    Excavator Booms and Arms

  • Excavator Quick Coupler/Excavator Quick Hitch

    Excavator Quick Coupler / Excavator Quick Hitch

  • Excavator Ripper

    Excavator Ripper

  • HD Bucket Heavy Duty Bucket

  • heavy duty rock bucket(HDR) (2)

    Heavy Duty Rock Bucket (HDR)

  • mini bucket

    Mini Bucket

  • Wheel Loader Lift Arm-1

    Wheel Loader Lift Arm

Customized Structural Parts Solutions

Providing reliability, timeliness, and efficiency to construction machinery suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors in need of optimal structural parts.

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Production of structural parts for 20 years!

About EDCM

EDCM was established in April 2007, located in Jiawang Industrial Park, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 14,000 square meters. The layout of each production plant is reasonable, the management is orderly, and it has good basic conditions for sustainable development.

EDCM specializes in the production of construction machinery structural parts, and has a large number of large-scale and large-scale CNC processing equipment, a full set of physical and chemical facilities to strictly control product quality, and has realized enterprise information projects such as ERP, PDM, and CAM, and has the ability to quickly respond to market demand.

EDCM’s business philosophy is “market-oriented, customer-centered, quality-oriented, and management-based”, continuously improving the quality awareness and work quality level of all employees, clarifying quality goals and principles to ensure advanced products The advantages of reliability and reliability in the market competition. Customers are welcome to purchase, and undertake the development of products with special specifications that customers need.

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