Wheel Loader Bucket

Save time, money and increase productivity with the right wheel loader Bucket for your application. Wheel Loader Buckets are built to match different application requirements. Use high strength steel and wear-resistant steel can increase the durability and service time.   With over 20 years’ experience in the attachments industry, we can help you select the right buckets for your excavator.

Specializing in the production of various construction machinery structural parts, which can be customized.

Wheel loader Bucket



A wheel loader bucket is an attachment on a wheel loader. For scooping and transporting loose materials. Examples include soil, gravel, sand and debris. It is usually made of steel. It can be configure in different shapes, sizes and capacities to suit specific applications.

Wheel Loader Bucket Feature

  • Apply for most of the brands model: Caterpillar, Kubota, Komatsu, Hyundai, Bobcat, John Deere, Sumitomo, New Holland,   Daewoo, Kobelco, Hitachi, Doosan, Liebherr, Volvo, JCB, Case, XCMG Construction.
  • We have experienced production team, expert technical engineers and QC inspector. To ensure the quality of our products. We adopt standardized work flow and advanced production equipment.
  • We have a packaging design team, our standard package is wooden pallet with strap. We can provide any reasonable and optimal packaging plan for your products.
  • Customization:Our existing products have various styles for you to choose. In addition, we can also provide customized services according to your drawings and requirements.
  • Size: Wheel loader buckets come in different sizes depending on the specific job requirements. They range from small to large buckets with varying capacities.
  • Material: Wheel loader buckets are usually made of steel. This makes them durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.
  • Shape: The shape of the bucket determines how well it can pick up and move materials. The most common shapes are the V-shaped bucket and the straight-edged bucket.
  • Cutting edge: The cutting edge of the bucket is the part that contacts the ground or material being move. It is typically made of a wear-resistant material to increase its durability.
  • Teeth: Some wheel loader buckets come with teeth, which help to grip and hold materials better. The teeth are usually made of high strength steel. It can be increase or decreased according to work needs.
  • Bucket edge extensions: Bucket edge extensions can be add to buckets. This increases its capacity and improves its performance.
  • Quick couplers: Quick couplers make it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble the bucket and loader. This feature is especially useful when using multiple attachments with the same loader.



EDCM offers wheel loader buckets and attachments to fit most wheel loader models. All our buckets are built to a high specification, so you get more for your money.




Type Excavator Model Ton Width/MM Capacity/M3 Weight/KG Adapter
S CAT930H 13T 2620 2.0 960 Bolt-on BOCE
S CAT938H 15T 2670 2.6 1230 Bolt-on BOCE
S CAT950H 18T 2905 3.50 1570 Bolt-on BOCE
S CAT966H/972H 24T 3010 4.30 2445 Bolt-on BOCE
R CAT980G/H 30T 3410 4.50 3970 Bolt-on blade lips and side cutters
R CAT988G/H 50T 3850 7.70 6600 Bolt-on blade lips and side cutters
R CAT990H 78T 4490 9.00 9780 Bolt-on blade lips and side cutters
R CAT992K 100T 4680 12.30 11550 Bolt-on blade lips and side cutters
R WA600 54T 3680 6.00 6250 Bolt-on blade lips and side cutters
R WA800 100T 4900 11.00 12410 Bolt-on blade lips and side cutters



Loader bucket is mainly applied for unloading, shovel loading, transporting soil, rocks and coals. We use high strength and wear-resistant steel. so the loader has a long service life. It can also involve in working on the rock, hard ground for mild shovel digging operations. For different devices, it can also complete the bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading, screening of other materials.

Manufacture Process

Cutting(plasma cutting machine/laser cutting machine)
Welding (qualified & certified welders)
Surface treatment—sand blasting
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
packaging Packaging ShippingShipping


DO NOT settle for our product lists! You can always customize the ideal excavator attachments for your own machine!  We have expert team to follow your product drawings and customize the excavator buckets for you!


Q:What is a wheel loader bucket?
A:A wheel loader bucket is an attachment that is mounte onto a front-end loader or a backhoe loader. It is design to scoop and transport loose materials such as dirt, gravel, sand, and rocks.
Q:What are the different types of wheel loader buckets?
A:There are many types of wheel loader buckets. Includes general purpose buckets, rock buckets, coal buckets. And clamshell buckets and high dump buckets. Each type is design for a specific job and has unique features.
Q:What are the advantages of using a wheel loader bucket?
A:Using a wheel loader bucket can increase efficiency, save time and labor costs. It also improves security. It can also help to reduce the amount of manual labor required and minimize the risk of injury or accidents.
Q:What factors should be consider when selecting a wheel loader bucket?
A:When choosing a wheel loader bucket. The size, shape and capacity of the bucket should be consider. The type of material being move, job site conditions and the size of the loader are also important factors.


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