Loader Bucket: Types And Selection Criteria

Mar. 09,2021

The bucket is the main working body of special equipment: telescopic and front loaders, excavators, tractors. Its main purpose is to optimize various types of work in agriculture, construction, and the municipal sector. You can buy a universal bucket or a corresponding modification if the specific processes require it. How to choose attachments and is there a multi-purpose bucket “for everything”? The EDCM company offers a wide range of buckets of all types and purposes. You can purchase units for any special equipment from us, regardless of the scope of application.

Types and functionality of buckets: specialized and universal

Depending on the dimensions, purpose and materials of manufacture, the bucket of an excavator or any other special equipment can be in a wide variety of modifications. The basic equipment of loaders and excavators usually includes a standard bucket, the capacity of which is usually not enough. One of the advantages of EDCM attachments is their versatility: most models can be used for both seasonal and regular work; both in construction and agriculture. What are the buckets?

Basic (standard). It is used in almost all areas in general earthmoving, for loading, transporting and unloading bulk materials, building materials, gravel, grain, etc.

Loader bucket. The main features are a reinforced triangular box, a cutting edge made of high-strength steel. It is used in heavy ground work with harder rocks: sod, chalk, shale, limestone, as well as frozen and soils containing stones. In addition, they are equipped with overlays and removable protectors for wear protection.

Planning bucket. Features a rectangular design with a central rib and cutting edge. Can be both with the possibility of tilt, and without. The leveling bucket of the excavator is used for the formation of embankments, ditches, soil fortifications, cleaning and deepening of the channels of reclamation ditches, etc.

Rock bucket. Indispensable on hard, rocky ground, in areas with undermined rock and abrasives. Such equipment is used in quarries, for digging pits, in working with heavy soils, abrasives, stony impurities: basalt, granite and other rocks.

Grab bucket. It is effective for lifting and loading bulk materials, as well as for extracting developed soils from deep pits. Equipped with powerful hydraulics for reliable fixation of the load in the “jaws”.

Grain bucket. A functional solution for crop and livestock farms, farms, elevators, warehouses. Its mass is comparatively lighter than that of standard equipment.

Skeletal or bucket basket. Designed for screening stone, sand from large debris. A bucket for beets and root crops has a similar design, which, during the collection process, reduces the level of contamination.

Folding. It is worth buying such a bucket for work in a warehouse, transporting sand, earth, snow, ice, garbage. Equipped with hydraulics, it easily lifts and throws material into trailers and flatbed machines.

Construction bucket. A special solution for skid steer loaders, which has mounting holes for teeth, edges, hydraulic grippers, road brushes, and therefore can be used both for excavation work and for transporting large loads.

Hi Tip. Bucket for front loader designed for handling bulky cargo at a considerable height. The unloading mechanism allows you to significantly increase the height of the bucket reach, so it is widely used in handling trailers with high sides.

Silo bucket. Agricultural attachments for hay, straw, silage, which can be equipped with a grapple or cutter. Makes a uniform cut of a forage without violation of density. The wide opening angle of the bucket allows you to pick up food right next to the wall.

Bucket for compost. It is used for cleaning livestock complexes to work with plump materials, cod, silage, garbage, manure. It is equipped with a gripper, as well as removable side walls, which complements the equipment with the ability to move logs, rebar, etc.

Big bag filler. It is rational to buy such a bucket when there is a need to combine the functionality of two different types of equipment working in a complex at once – a bucket and a stationary dispenser. Thus, the packing of large bags occurs with the participation of only one operator.

Mixing bucket. Equipment for municipal, construction, agricultural special equipment for creating uniform concrete solutions, as well as fertilizers and animal feed. The convenience of such a device lies in the fact that ready-made mixtures can be immediately transported in the bucket itself, and the design and sufficient volume allow them to replace heavy equipment that cannot pass through limited locations.

Multipurpose bucket. Innovative equipment consisting of a moving part driven by a hydraulic cylinder and the actual bucket. Combines the features of a dozer blade, leveler, grapple, and standard bucket. Additionally, it can be equipped with a replaceable knife.

Where to buy a bucket for an excavator?

The EDCM company offers excavator buckets of various widths and purposes: from digging trenches to clearing reservoirs. Our advantages are:

1. quality performance of each bucket, confirmed by certificates;

2. durability of products regardless of operating conditions;

3. the opportunity to purchase a bucket to order for the specific needs of the sphere;

4. adaptation of equipment for any type of special equipment;

5. a wide range of finished equipment that we can ship today;

6. optimal price offers;

7. service and support for every customer.

By purchasing a bucket, you significantly expand the capabilities of special equipment and increase its capabilities on the job site. And on the question of whether to buy a bucket ready or to order, you will be answered by a professional consultant. Also in the EDCM catalog you will find buckets for mini-loaders, tractors, telescopic and front-end loaders.


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