What Is A Bulldozer

Mar. 09,2021

A bulldozer is a construction machine of a caterpillar or wheel drive, with a massive, metal plate (shield) installed outside the running base of the machine, called a blade. The bulldozer is used to move large amounts of soil, sand, gravel, or other material on a plane during construction work or work to transform and re-landscape.

This special equipment is used in various fields: in mines and quarries, in the construction of military installations, in the heavy and forestry industries, in agriculture.

Most often, bulldozers are large and strong tracked vehicles that can do heavy work in completely off-road conditions. The track allows the weight of the bulldozer to be distributed over a larger area, which provides less pressure on the ground and thereby prevents it from sinking into sandy or muddy soil.

That is why crawler bulldozers are often used in road construction, mining, forestry, land clearing, utility construction, as well as in any other work that requires high traffic and the use of powerful earthmoving equipment.

Wheel dozers are powered by a 4-wheel drive and a hydraulic, articulated steering system. They have less traffic, but are fast and maneuverable construction equipment capable of performing earthmoving work.


1. Small-sized. They have a power of 25-50 hp. and weigh up to 0.9 tons.

2. Lungs. Power from 50 to 130 hp and weighing up to 1.4 tons.

3. Medium. Weighing up to 25 tons and with a power of 140-210 hp.

4. Heavy. Giants exceeding 25 tons in weight and up to 550 hp.

5. Super heavy. Designed to perform certain jobs that other bulldozers cannot handle. They reach 700 hp in power, and weighing over 35 tons.


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