Excavator Booms and Arms

EDCM provides high-strength excavator booms and arms. Choosing the correct match will ensure increased productivity and performance is maintained over the lifetime of the product.   We have a full range of excavator booms for machines from 1-85 tonne. excavator booms are used in a versatile range of applications. Including marine construction, surface mining, slope stabilization, demolition of buildings and structures, and other specialist works where maximum reach, height and depth is required.products range from standard boom, two-piece boom and long reach boom.   With over 20 years’ experience in the attachments industry, we can help you select the right booms for your excavator.

Specializing in the production of various construction machinery structural parts, which can be customized.

Excavator Booms and Arms



Excavator booms and arms are two important components of an excavator.
The boom is the long, vertical arm that extends from the body of the excavator to the end of the boom. A bucket or other attachment is attache to the end of this arm. The boom is responsible for raising and lowering the arm. As well as controlling the horizontal movement of the attachment.
Arm, also known as bucket or stick. Is the horizontal arm that extends from the end of the boom to the bucket or other attachment. The robotic arm is responsible for controlling the vertical movement of the attachment. Enables excavators to dig, scoop and move material.
Excavator booms and sticks are usually made of high-strength steel. Designed to withstand the stress of heavy excavation work. They may be retractable or fixed. It depends on the exact model of excavator and its intended use.

Excavator Booms and Arms Feature

  • Suits all major OEM Excavators: Caterpillar, Kubota, Komatsu, Bobcat, Sumitomo, New Holland, Kobelco, Hitachi, Doosan, Liebherr, Hyundai, Volvo, JCB, John Deere, Daewoo, Case, XCMG.
  • We we have the most professional technical team, experienced production team. And quality control inspecting team, standard work process and advanced equipment to guarantee our excellent quality.
  • Professional package design, pallet +packing strap. We can offer an optimal and reasonable packing plan and shipping plan to fully utilize the container.
  • Customization: don’t settle on our product lists, we can always provide a custom service for any metal structural parts and OEM service at your request.
  • Length:Excavator booms and sticks come in different lengths. To adapt to different digging depths and working range requirements.
  • Material: They are usually made of high-strength steel. Built to withstand the stress and strain of heavy-duty excavation and lifting operations.
  • Joints: Excavator arms and sticks have multiple pivot points or joints. Can move freely and efficiently. These joints are usually greased to reduce friction and wear.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: Boom and arm movement is power by hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders use pressurized oil to move components. These cylinders are design to provide smooth and precise control over the boom and arm movements.
  • Bucket attachment: The bucket is attache to the end of the jib. Its size and shape can vary depending on the intended use of the excavator.
  • Range of motion: The boom and arm of the excavator have a wide range of motion. Allowing them to dig, lift and place material in different positions and angles.
  • Load capacity: The boom and arm’s load capacity depends on their length, material, and design. The manufacturer specifies the load capacity for each model. Operators should not exceed this limit.



We can provide standard boom, two-piece boom and long reach boom for all brands of excavators.


Built with high-strength, light structural steel and heavy duty components


We can provide 3 types of excavator booms and arms: standard booms, two-piece booms and long reach booms.

Part Dimension is as per your drawings.

Part colour is as your request or without painting only with anti-rust oil.



DO NOT settle for our product lists! You can always customize the ideal excavator attachments for your own machine!  We have expert team to follow your product drawings and customize the excavator buckets for you!


Q:What is an excavator boom?
A:An excavator boom is a long horizontal arm that extends from the cab of the machine. Supports the work attachment of the excavator. Examples include buckets, breakers or grabs.
Q:What is the purpose of the excavator boom?
A:The main purpose of an excavator boom is to provide a range of motion for the excavator’s work attachments. Make it possible to dig, lift and place material in different positions and angles.
Q:What are the different types of excavator booms?
A:The two most common types of excavator booms are mono booms and articulated booms. A single arm is a single straight section while an articulated arm has two or more sections. Allows for greater flexibility and scope.
Q:How does an excavator boom work?
A:Excavator booms are usually powered by hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders use pressurized oil to move the boom up, down, left, and right. The operator controls the movement of the boom through the excavator’s controller. This enables precise digging and placement.
Q:What factors affect the excavator boom’s performance?
The length, weight, and design of the excavator boom all affect its performance. Longer boom provides greater reach. But it may reduce the stability of the machine. And a heavier boom requires more power to move.


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