What Is The Excavator Arm & Why Does It Look Like That?

Mar. 28,2023

Excavators are a fundamental piece of heavy equipment in the construction and earthmoving industries. They are versatile machines designed to perform various tasks, such as digging, lifting, and material handling. One of the most important components of an excavator is its arm, which enables the machine to execute these tasks with precision and efficiency. In this blog, we will delve into the excavator arm, its components, and how it functions.

EDCM Excavator Arm: A Product That Makes Digging So Quick And Easy

There are several types of EDCM excavator arms, also known as boom and stick configurations, designed to cater to different work environments, tasks, and industries. The main types of excavator arms include:

1) EDCM Excavator Standard Boom:

The most common type of excavator’s arm consists of a single boom and a stick. It provides a balanced combination of reach, digging depth, and lifting capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as general construction, earthmoving, and excavation.

2) EDCM Excavator Knuckle Boom:

Also known as a two-piece or articulated boom, the knuckle boom has an additional hinge or joint in the middle of the boom. This design allows for more flexibility and precise positioning of the attachment, making it ideal for tasks that require better control, such as demolition, working in confined spaces, and handling materials.

3) EDCM Excavator Long-Reach Boom:

Designed with an extended boom and stick, long-reach excavators provide increased reach and depth capabilities. They are commonly used in applications such as dredging, deep excavation, pond cleaning, and material handling in areas that are difficult to access.

Understanding the Excavator Arm

The excavator arm, also known as the boom and stick, is a critical component that allows the machine to perform tasks such as digging, material handling, and demolition. The arm is made up of several interconnected sections, which work together to provide the machine with power, reach, and flexibility.

The main components of the excavator’s arm are:

Boom: The boom is the first and largest section of the excavator’s arm, extending from the main body or base of the machine. The boom’s primary function is to provide support and reach for the entire arm and the attachment connected to it.

Stick (Dipper): The stick, or dipper, is the second section of the arm, connected to the boom through a pivot point called the boom-to-stick connection. The stick’s purpose is to extend the reach and maneuverability of the arm, allowing the machine to perform tasks with precision.

Bucket: The bucket is the primary attachment connected to the end of the stick. Buckets come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific task they are designed to perform. Some examples include digging buckets, grading buckets, and clamshell buckets.

How Does the Excavator Arm Work?

The excavator’s arm functions through a combination of mechanical and hydraulic systems. The hydraulic cylinders, powered by the machine’s hydraulic pump, generate the force required to move the boom and stick. This force is transferred through the arm’s pivot points, allowing the arm to extend, retract, and rotate.

The operator controls the excavator arm using a set of joysticks and pedals inside the cab. These controls are connected to the hydraulic system, allowing the operator to manipulate the arm and attachment to perform various tasks.

Applications of the Excavator Arm

The purpose of an excavator’s arm is to perform various digging, excavating, and lifting tasks in construction, demolition, landscaping, mining, and other earthmoving applications. The arm, also known as the boom and stick, is a critical component of an excavator and consists of several parts that work together to provide the needed force and flexibility for the machine.

The excavator arm’s versatility enables the machine to perform a wide range of tasks, including:

Digging: Excavators are commonly used for digging trenches, foundations, and holes. The combination of reach, power, and precision provided by the arm allows the machine to dig efficiently and accurately.

Material Handling: With the right attachment, such as a grapple or clamshell bucket, excavators can be used to lift, transport, and place materials such as logs, pipes, and debris.

Demolition: Excavators can be used for demolition tasks by attaching specialized tools, such as hydraulic hammers or shears, to the arm. The arm’s strength and flexibility enable the machine to dismantle structures with precision and control.

EDCM Excavator Arm: A Unique Trait Of The Excavator Truck

EDCM Excavator Arm is a unique trait of the excavator truck. It is an advanced technology that helps to increase the efficiency of excavation work and make the task easier. It can be used for different kinds of work that require digging and lifting heavy objects.

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Bottom Line

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